Draw and Explain a Duplex filter. 6 marks important ques.

Duplex filter

Draw and Explain a Duplex filter.

Duplex filter

The DUPLEX strainer is a single housing assembly with an opposing Inlet-Outlet flange. Each housing assembly comprises 2 identical filter chambers both to a centre ball valve diverter chamber. By operation of a single lever, the floor can be diverted from one filter chamber to the second filter chamber without any need of flow interruption. This enables the operator to clean other basket without any requirement to take the system off-line.

Housed in each filter chamber is basket strainer made of a perforated plate optionally covered with a wire clothing consisting of various materials and mess width. The medium to be filtered flows through the basket from the inside to the outside, hence the containments will remain within the strainer basket upon removal from the chamber.

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