Engineroom Bilge system oil tanker important ques. 10 mark

Draw and Explain briefly on E/R Bilge system of a Crude oil tanker.

#bilge system

Bilge system
Bilge system
  • We know that the bilges which gets accumulated in the engine room goes into the bilge well which is located in the forward and aft of the ship and also on port as well as on the starboard side.
  • The bilge well is a compartment or space below the engine room where all the bilges goes.
  • The condition of the bilges to be pumped overboard are:
  • The ship should be enroute.
  • The concentration of the bilges to be pumped should not exceed 15 ppm.
  • Now when the ship is enroute then the bilges from the bilge holding tank is taken to oily water separator through bilge pump.
  • Then in oily water separator oil/sludge and water are separated and the concentration is checked. If it is less than 15 ppm then the water is pumped overboard and the oil from the oil oily water separator goes to the oily bilge tank where Inceneration takes place (also known as Incenerayor).
  • On daily basis, the bilges from the bilge well is taken into the bilge holding tank through main bilge line and bilge pump.
  • In the bilge holding tank, decanting (gravity separation of oil and water) process takes place and also for separation, heating connection is also there.
  • These bilge holding is used to store bilges when the ship is not enroute or very near to the port area.
  • When the sea is enroute, then the bilges from the bilge holding tank is taken to the oily water separator through bilge pump and then the bilge is separated in oil and water and concentration is less than 15 ppm, then the bilges are pumped overboard.

#bilge system

  • There is a term called emergency bilge suction. If somehow the main bilge line ruptures or there is a hole or leakages in the main bilge line, then as majority of pumps are centrifugal type, so they will not be able to operate so as to pump the bilges overboard, so in that condition there is a need of an emergency bilge suction.
  • As this emergency bilge suction is not directly connected to the main bilge line but rather it is upto the level of tank top. So the bilges from the tank top is pumped overboard through a higher power pump i.e. ballast pump. This pump should be of great strength and large diameter. In the emergency condition this emergency bilge suction is used only after the approved of higher authorities of ship.

#bilge system

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