Centrifugal vs reciprocating pump important ques 6 m

Centrifugal vs reciprocating pump

List out the differences between Centrifugal vs reciprocating pump.

Centrifugal vs reciprocating pump
Centrifugal vs reciprocating pump
Centrifugal pump Reciprocating pump
It is one of the rotary pumps which used kinetic energy of impeller. It is a positive displacement type pump which is forced by piston.
It continuously discharges the fluid. It does not discharge the fluid continuously.
In centrifugal pump the flow rate decreases which increasing the pressure. The pressure does not affect flow rate in reciprocating pumps.
It is used for pumping high viscous fluid. It is used for pump low viscous fluid.
In this pumps discharge is inversely promotional to the viscosity of fluid. In reciprocating pump viscosity of fluid does not affect the discharge rate.
Efficiency of these pumps are low compare to reciprocating pump. Efficiency is high.
Centrifugal pump have problem of priming. It does not have any problem of priming.
It uses impellers to transfer energy to fluid. It uses piston cylinder device to transfer energy to fluid.
They are lighter than reciprocating pumps. These are heavier compare to centrifugal pump.
It gives higher discharge at low heads. These gives higher heads at low discharge.
It is less costly. These are costly.
These pumps required less maintenance. These required higher maintenance.
Centrifugal pumps are easy to install. These required less floor space. These pumps are difficult to install. These required more floor area.
It is mostly used for domestic purpose and where higher discharge at low head required. These are mostly used in industries and high viscous fluid pumped at a high head.


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