Rotary vane steering gear system 6 marks important question

Rotary vane steering gear system

Draw a Rotary vane steering gear system and explain its operation.

Rotary vane steering gear system

Rotary vane steering consists of a rotor which is taper fit on the rudder stockand keyed to it and a stator of larger diameter than outside diameter of rotor to form an annular space between them. The stator being firmly fixed to the ship structure by anchor bolts to prevent it from rotating.

Vanes are spheroidal graphite cast iron secured to the cast iron rotor and stator by high tensile steel dowel pin and cap screws.

Space formed between the stator and rotor vanes are used as high and low pressure chamber.

These chambers are alternately connected to the suction and delivery from the hydraulic pump so that they can be used to produce the rudder actuating torque because the distribution of the pressure chambers is balanced around the rudder stock, only pure torque is transmitted to the stock and no side loading imposed by the gear.

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