Bunkering operation Safety practices 2 marks

Bunkering operation

What are the safety practices followed during Bunkering operation?


  • Proper quantity check of existing bunker and make a bunker plan accordingly. Safe quantity to be 95 % of the volume of a particular the tank.
  • Bunker line valve to be lined up properly as per the bunker plan before starting bunker and other side of the manifold should be closed with blank flange in place.
  • Bunker tanks vents to be clean for proper removal of air during bunkering.
  • All scrapper on deck to be closed before start of bunker. Any leakage should be retained on board.
  • Emergency stop procedure must be discussed before start and method should be agreed upon by both the party.
  • SOPEP equipment should be in readiness near the manifold.
  • Fire fighting equipment should be in readiness.

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